About Us


​​Our vision

The vision of the MGEOMETOC COE is to be an internationally recognized hub of expertise, working to expand the capabilities in the field of Maritime GEOMETOC.

Our mission

The mission of the MGEOMETOC COE is to enhance the transformation efforts in the field of Maritime GEOMETOC to the benefit of the Alliance.

Maritime Geometoc Concept

Explore maritime battlefield environment in order to optimize the employment of sensors, weapons, targeting, logistics, equip​ment and personnel.

Our Goals

To enable close cooperation between NATO and International Organisations within the agreed frameworks, in the development of an international collaborative partnership approach to transform Maritime Operations GEOMETOC Support capabilities. To foster continuous self-development of the MARITIME GEOMETOC COE by conducting results oriented research, studies, experiments, analysis, education and training, as well as by applying lessons learned and best practices.

What is a COE

Centres of Excellence (COEs) are international military organisations that train and educate leaders and specialists from NATO member and partner countries. They assist in doctrine development, identify lessons learned, improve interoperability and capabilities, and test and validate concepts through experimentation. They offer recognised expertise and experience that is of benefit to the Alliance, and support the transformation of NATO, while avoiding the duplication of assets, resources and capabilities already present within the Alliance.


Sponsoring Nations​

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​​​​​​On the 29th January of 2019, a letter from the Chief of the Portuguese Defence was addressed to the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation formalizing the offer to NATO of a Maritime Geospatial, Meteorological and Oceanographic Centre of Excellence (MGEOMETOC COE). 

The MGEOMETOC COE held two establishment conferences between October 2019 and February 2020. During the 2nd Establishment Conference, Romania, Spain, and Turkey formally declared their support and offered themselves to integrate the COE as Sponsoring Nations.

The first MGEOMETOC COE Steering Committee meeting was held in September 2020. During this event the main documents, the programme of work and budget were approved.

Therefore, the MGEOMETOC COE is an independent multinational entity, established in September 2020, with the signature of the Operational Memorandum of Understanding, emerging from the Portuguese GEOMETOC Centre (CGEOMETOC), which was created in 2017, to support the naval operations. The CGEOMETOC is based on the knowledge and experience of the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute, a national State Laboratory recognised by its work of excellence and experience in ocean research over 60 years, observation, modelling and forecasting, mainly in geospatial information, meteorology and oceanography.

The mission of the MGEOMETOC COE is to enhance the transformation efforts in the field of Maritime Geospatial and METOC to the benefit of the Alliance.​