Visit of the Vice-Admiral Henri Schricke

16 January 2020

​​​The Director of International Relations Directorate of the French Armed Forces, Vice-Admiral Henri Schricke, visited the future NATO MGEOMETOC COE, on the 16th of January 2020. This visit was part of an official visit, focus to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Portugal and France, in areas of common interest, in the military domain.

Vice-Admiral Henri Schricke was welcomed at the future NATO MGEOMETOC COE facilities by the General Director of the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute, Rear-Admiral Carlos Ventura Soares.

The Head of the NATO MGEOMETOC COE Establishment Team, Captain Freitas Artilheiro, presented the future COE vision and mission and highlighted the roadmap towards the NATO COE accreditation. The success of the 1st Establishment Conference was emphasized and the goals for the 2nd Establishment Conference (to be held from 11-13 February 2020) were presented.

The visit included also a briefing from the Director of the Portuguese MARITIME GEOMETOC CENTRE (CGEOMETOC), Lieutenant-Commander Luis Quaresma dos Santos, focusing on the work developed by this center, in the support of maritime operations and exercises.

Vice-Admiral Henri Schricke recognized the excellence of the work developed at the CGEOMETOC and expressed the willing of France to be part of the MGEOMETOC COE, aiming the transformation of NATO in the GEOMETOC field of knowledge, with evident capacity building benefits for each Sponsoring Nation.

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