MGEOMETOC COE visits centre of excellence in Germany

25-26 August 2020

​​​​​​The establishing process of NATO Maritime Geospatial, Metereological and Oceanographic Centre of Excellence (MGEOMETOC COE), the which will become the first international centre of excellence in Portugal, is underway since october 2019.

Last august, the team behind the project' start up and implemention program went to visit the Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shalow Waters (COE CSW), in Kiel, Germany. The COE CSW, established in 2007, is one big reference to NATO regarding the maritime domain.

The meeting, held on 25 and 26 of august, was attended by a delegation of the MGEOMETOC COE working group and it was hosted by the Executive director of the COE CSW, CAPT Eike Wetters.

The working session was dedicated to an exchange of views regarding the ongoing work under the acreditation process of the MGEOMETOC COE, and also served to the promote the sharing of experience and knowledge and to discuss potential fields of interest for future collaboration between the two centres. Among the major subjects discussed it is important to mention the topics of information technology, financial control, program of work and the follow up on the accreditation's documents of the MGEOMETOC COE.

Both centres reaffirmed a willingness and avaliability to colaborate and promote interoperability.​

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